Main square in the town with a fountain in front of the Municipal Authority. The pedestrian zone starts here, that leads to the southern side of Sunny Lakes (Slnečné jazerá). You can also fnd the Museum and the Town Culture Centre at the main square. There is a bus stop nearby.

Statue of Szenci Molnár Albert

(1574–1634) He was born in Senec. Szenci Molnár Albert was a Calvinist priest, linguist, translator, literary scientist, poet and writer. His Latin­Hungarian dictionary was the frst Hungarian dictionary with words in alphabetical order. He also translated the psalteries (psalms) into Hungarian. He assisted in printing the Bible in Germany. His marble statue in above­ lifesize was built in 1995.

Szenci Molnár Albert Days

Cultural festival in Hungarian language organized by Cultural Association Csemadok.

The Synagogue

It was built in 1825. For a long time it has been the only synagogue in the region. In the 1940s it was nationalized and it began to decay gradually. Currently it is under reconstruction, the expected completion date is May 2020.

The Plague Column

After the end of the last plague epidemic, the family of Stephen Bornemissza built the so-called “plague column” as a sign of gratitude – the Immaculate (The Statue of the Virgin Mary) in 1747.

The Pillar of Shame

Pillory was built in 1552. It was used to punish criminals by exposing to shame at a frequent place at that time it was a place of markets and fairs. The column is made of bricks.

The Portal of a Baroque Inn

Inn “U zlatého gryfa” was built in the 18th century by Earl František Esterházy. The inn was not preserved, the stone portal was moved to the square as a monument to the Baroque Senec.

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